Catherine Smit-Torrez

Emergency Campus Planning Services.

Catherine Smit-Torrez


Catherine Smit-Torrez has over 17 years experience providing security advise in school districts, working as a School Resource Officer, D.A.R.E. Officer, Investigator, Police Captain and Emergency planning and training. Her most recent position was Chief of Police of Cockrell Hill Police Department.


Torrez wrote emergency plans tailored to each campus and each event held in the White Settlement ISD from 1999 – 2004. Torrez was an advisor on the Campus Improvement Committees and Campus Safety Planning for several school campuses.


Torrez unique experience in Law Enforcement, School Districts, Emergency Planning, Staff & Student Training and Parent Education affords her the perspective that School Districts need to assist them in preparation for emergency drills and evacuation plans for each of their campuses. Torrez understands that a student must feel safe in order to learn.


Torrez offers “Prevention, Onset, During and Post” emergency planning tailor made for each campus and each type of event held. Torrez also offers training for staff and students and will hold parent education regarding school drills and evacuation procedures. Scenario training drills can be conducted for each campus to assist personnel in performing at safe and confident levels. Training class's offered for teaching staff to prevent/reduce a violent episode in the classroom.


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